NEW YORK — The Proctor & Gamble Co. Thursday slammed Revlon Consumer Products Corp. for making “false” claims about Revlon’s ColorStay products and said it will “vigorously” fight Revlon in court.
“Revlon’s advertising claims that its ColorStay lipstick and makeup products ‘won’t rub off’ are false,” P&G said in a statement Thursday. “We have independent consumer research which proves they do rub off.”
P&G’s angry response came a day after Revlon filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Federal Court to thwart P&G in what Revlon saw as a threat to sue the company for allegedly lying about ColorStay’s quality.
In its statement, P&G charged that in court documents, “Revlon itself seems to be backing off the absolute nature of these claims, stating only that ColorStay has the attribute of ‘transfer resistance.’ That’s not what they say in their advertising.”
P&G, which competes head-to-head with Revlon through its Cover Girl and Max Factor International brands, added that “Consumers deserve truthful claims, not those Revlon is making.”
P&G said that in an attempt to try and settle the dispute out of court, it sent Revlon a letter asking Revlon to back up its claim that ColorStay does not rub off.
“Without even responding, Revlon decided they need to go to court — a very unusual way of doing business,” P&G added. “We’ll now pursue this case vigorously in court.”
A Revlon spokesman denied that the company was backing off from any of its claims.

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