NEW YORK — A local T-shirt manufacturer that was sued by The Donna Karan Co. for selling shirts with the initials DKFU has agreed to stop selling the shirts and destroy all remaining inventory.
Donna Karan filed suit against Foravi Inc., 57 Greene St., in federal court in Manhattan in September for infringing on its DKNY trademark.
At the time, Donna Karan said the use of the initials DKFU could be viewed as either an obscene message directed against Donna Karan or the public and had hurt sales of authentic DKNY merchandise. The fashion house added that Foravi’s use of DKFU “tarnished and reduced” the DKNY mark.
In a final order and judgment on consent between Foravi and Donna Karan, Foravi agreed to be permanently barred from selling shirts with the initials DKFU or any mark that could be confused with any of Donna Karan’s marks.
Foravi also agreed to turn over for destruction all merchandise and materials associated with the production of the DKFU shirts.
As part of the settlement agreement, Foravi is also supposed make an unspecified payment to Donna Karan. An attorney for Donna Karan refused to disclose the size of the payment. — Fairchild News Service

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