Byline: Aileen Mehle

Clint Eastwood flew from Sun Valley, where he had been hanging out and skiing with movie producer Richard Zanuck, to Monterey, California, to spend the holidays with his mother and sister. Then it was off to Utah for more skiing. His lover, Frances Fisher, didn’t seem to be anywhere in the picture. Unless she sneaked in when our backs were turned.

Italy’s loss is Monaco’s gain. The super-seductive Ornella Muti, fed up with her husband Federico Fachinetti’s arrest — again — on charges of fraud, has decided to pull up stakes and bambini and move to Monte Carlo. What she’ll get there heaven knows except the latest news that the reigning Grimaldi family, worried over Prince Rainier’s iffy heart, is holding family meetings. Princess Caroline, certain that her father is working too hard, is nudging brother Prince Albert to take over. Brother Prince Albert is reluctant and resisting. It has also been suggested in family councils that Caroline’s son, Prince Andrea, 10, become the Heir-presumptive with his mother taking over as Regent until he reaches his majority. That went over like a lead croissant.
Anyhow, nobody mentioned anything about a role for rambunctious Princess Stephanie in the ruling hierarchy, although lately Rainier has somewhat softened his attitude toward Stephanie’s lover, Daniel Ducret, which translates into now they exchange words. It’s all too terribly boring. Maybe Ornella ought to think twice about leaving Italy where everybody’s doing it, and a little thing like fraud is practically the order of the day.
Poor Albert, who has been linked with everybody known to man but has trouble forging those links, is now described as being in a budding romance with Jennifer Grant, Cary Grant and Dyan Cannon’s pretty daughter. Albert’s mother, Grace Kelly, and Jennifer’s daddy played lovers in Hitchcock’s “To Catch a Thief” long before the kids were born, whatever, if anything, that portends.

The buzz goes that handsome Brad Pitt’s hairy, hippie look at the premiere of his new movie, “Legends of the Fall,” is at the insistence of his new love, model Jitka Pohledek, who has absolutely forbidden Brad to shave or trim his locks. Was that before or after he learned to pronounce her name? If this is really the case, she’s wrong, you know. Brad’s too good looking to hide his light under that bushel. You can’t even see his lips. Get the lawnmower.
Anouk Aimee, set to do a European stage tour of “Love Letters” with Jean Trintignant, was asked if the two of them would ever reteam for still another sequel to their 1966 romantic classic, “A Man and A Woman,” this one to be called “A Man and A Woman Thirty Years Later.” “No,” said Anouk, “but we’re not ruling out getting together in 2016 for “A Man and A Woman Fifty Years Later.” What a Woman! (Fans will remember that Aimee and Trintignant appeared in the first sequel, “A Man and A Woman Twenty Years Later,” in 1986.)

Vincent Perez, so hot in “Queen Margot,” is due in New York this weekend to tour with the movie. Perez, having just finished his new film, “Beyond the Clouds,” is said to be consoling himself after his breakup with top model Carla Bruni. It shouldn’t take long. Miramax, which produced “Queen Margot,” claims to be flooded with fan mail from his adorers in the U.S. and can’t wait to release his next picture, “Talk of Angels.” Plus, the talk is Perez is getting help getting over his Bruni fling from none other than a former flame, one Jacqueline Bisset, still beautiful and sexy in her 40s. The middle-aged chicken makes the best soup.

“Serves Me Right,” the second volume of Sarah Miles’ memoirs, is still being delayed. Originally scheduled for publication in the fall of this year, its British publishers, fearing legal difficulties, have destroyed several torrid segments of recollections from the controversial tell-all. Sarah is said to name movie names and trot out a mess of heretofore undisclosed revelations — or is that an oxymoron?

Geena Davis, as we all should know, is currently in Malta making “Cutthroat Island” with co-star Matthew Modine. Geena’s producing the movie; her husband, Renny Harlin, is directing. And this is what she had to say just the other day: “The film’s left me with cuts and bruises all over my body — but I love it. We’ve filmed some of the most incredible action scenes ever photographed for a pirate movie. For the first time, there are full-sized pirate ships battling it out — and we have the biggest sea-battle ever filmed. It will be the most spectacular pirate film ever made, and Renny’s direction is just awesome.” No, no, no, no, no, she is absolutely not prejudiced. No, no, no, no, no.

In the deluge of December parties, somehow the American Museum of Natural History’s big smash benefit 125th Anniversary Gala went unreported. So — the evening was designed to take guests back in time to 1869, and Philip Baloun turned the Museum’s Hall of Ocean Life into a turn-of-the-century ballroom, draped in red velvet with palm trees and crystal candelabra abounding. The tables were swathed in Battenburg lace with centerpieces of wine-colored roses and white lilies. When Museum president Ellen Futter raised her glass in a toast to the Museum, thousands of red and gold balloons were dropped from on high where they had been suspended next to the 94-foot blue whale that hangs from the ceiling.
The crowd was stellar — Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, the Angier Biddle Dukes, the Charles Danas, the Theodore Roosevelts IV, the Howard Phippses, the Henry Clay Fricks II, like that. Mrs. Stephen (Connie) Spahn, one of the dinner chairmen, wore a black velvet and green taffeta Givenchy with a high portrait collar and a dog collar of pearls for good measure. The Museum’s chairman, Anne Phipps Sidamon-Eristoff was radiant in red velvet and Evelyn Lauder stood out in burgundy velvet by Bill Blass. And let’s not forget the other dinner chairmen, viz to wit, David Koch, the William Lauders, the Deryck Maughans, Jane Pauley and Garry Trudeau and the Stephen Rattners.

In December, John Hearst Jr. of the publishing dynasty, known to all as Bunky, celebrated his 60th birthday at Elaine’s and they all came, including Lauren Bacall, who dashed in and kissed Bunky hither and thither. Everywhere you looked you saw Luella and Frank Bennack, Mary and Howard Phipps, Veronica and Randy Hearst, Helen Gurley Brown and David Brown, Betty Comden, Gloria Jones, Willie and Austin Hearst and their wives, the John Sargents and more, more, more, especially Bunky’s pretty wife Barbara and his pretty daughter Lisa. Many happy returns, darling person!

Congratulations also to the former Denise Bouche, widow of the noted artist Rene Bouche, and to her new husband George Fitch of the San Francisco Fitches. The newlyweds, who were married six weeks ago in San Francisco, will live there and visit New York and the rest of the world. Denise, lovely and lively, is just the ticket for the distinguished Fitch, a noted collector. Everyone thought so at the dinner Sue Railey gave for them — everyone being Florence Van der Kemp, Liz and Tassos Fondaras, Prince and Princess Alexander Romanoff, Anne Cox Chambers, Mieta Niscemi, Carolina and Reinaldo Herrera, Drue Heinz, Helen and John Winslow, Judy and Sam Peabody, Linda Mortimer, Richard Hare and on and on into the night.