NEW YORK — Esprit de Corp. has taken the final step in consolidating all of its wholesale businesses.
The Susie Tompkins division will be aligned with the other Esprit wholesale divisions — juniors, kids, Dr. Seuss, footwear and accessories — under the direction of Andrew Cohen, president of Esprit Wholesale.
Susie Tompkins was previously operated as a separate wholesale division under Lisa Engler, president of Susie Tompkins and Esprit Retail.
Engler will continue to direct the creative services of Susie Tompkins, including marketing, public relations and visuals. She will continue as president of Esprit Retail.
“This realignment is the last step in creating a unified wholesale arm of the company,” said David Folkman, president and chief financial officer of Esprit. “This shift will allow all the wholesale divisions to work synergistically with retailers, suppliers and manufacturers.”
Cohen joined Esprit in September 1993 as president of Esprit Juniors. He was named president of Esprit Apparel in 1994 and later that year was named president of Esprit Wholesale.