Question to Donna Karan: “How did you find the Princess?” A: “Like a queen.”

Cynthia Rowley: “I was very excited to meet Princess Diana, but I have to say, I was more excited to meet Pat Riley — he’s smokin’!”

Fran Drescher (while presenting an award to Cynthia Rowley): “Well — the queen of Queens gets to meet the Princess of Wales! She mentioned that we were both on Mr. Blackwell’s list, she on the best-dressed, and me on the worst. But you know, Princess, you’ve got Princess Margaret on yours and I’ve got Madonna and Demi on mine. Princess —  you’re on the wrong list, baby!”

Grace Mirabella (presenting to Robert Lee Morris): “When I was at that other magazine —  which shall remain nameless…”

Robert Lee Morris (accepting his award): “Clothes without accessories is like sex without orgasm.”

Sigourney Weaver (presenting an award to Richard Tyler): “I’m a total creation of hair, makeup and fashion —  and proud of it!”

Richard Tyler (referring to his wife, Lisa Trafficante, in his acceptance speech): “She’s tough —  ask Frank Mori, he knows!”

Calvin Klein (in a video about Liz Tilberis, when asked if he’d like to be her child): “I’d like to be everyone’s child.”

Diane Sawyer (presenting a lifetime achievement award to Carrie Donovan, Nonnie Moore and Bernadine Morris): “Not since The Supremes has there been a trio like this!”

Carrie Donovan (in her video): “Is fashion important? Well, my dear — you have to get dressed.”

Bernadine Morris (on accepting a lifetime achievement award with Carrie Donovan and Nonnie Moore): “We’re either three little girls from school —  or the witches from ‘Macbeth.”‘

Knicks coach Pat Riley on the similarities between athletes and members of the fashion community: “They’re both very competitive.”

Tatum O’Neal: “How can the bar be closed?”

Most moving line: Kevyn Aucoin (on accepting his award): “I know that to some people winning an award for doing makeup may seem silly. But you see, in the context of my life it means that I not only survived my past, but that I somehow succeeded.”