CHICAGO — Designer Michael Kors unpacked his spring trunk, as well as his fashion philosophy, for an assembly of fashion connoisseurs at Marshall Field’s recently in a benefit luncheon for the Costume Committee of the Chicago Historical Society.
“It’s rare that customers get the opportunity to understand the mechanics of how and why a designer designs,” said Shelley Sams, senior buyer for Marshall Field’s designer 28 Shop.
On the runway with his models, Kors discussed “quiet, good taste” and the sexiness of demure, easy, down-to-earth charm.
“Sexy clothes can be sneaky,” he said. “It doesn’t have to be obvious.”
And his weren’t. Simple bias-cut shirtdresses, curvy “carved” jackets topping wide-leg trousers and jersey wrap skirts and dresses in neutral “face powder colors” made elegant yet wearable daytime options.
“There are clothes that are rooted in fantasy and clothes rooted in reality; I’m a realistic designer,” said Kors.
With smooth, feminine silhouettes, the designer seemed eager to build a woman’s wardrobe rather than make sure it becomes obsolete next season.
“The women I dress aren’t looking for someone to say, ‘Oh, that suit!’ but, ‘You look great,”‘ he said.