SEATTLE — Jack Hammer Ltd. doesn’t just sell vintage denim. The downtown retailer also features a fascinating assortment of vintage denim display and advertising art.
Owner Dan Eskenazi’s collection includes an oversized Lee jeans cowboy display from the Thirties (one of three in the world, according to Eskenazi), a Wrangler display from the Forties, Levi banners from the late Forties and early Fifties and a 1971 Levi’s stained glass lampshade. The shade was specially made to be suspended over a pool table where Minnesota Fats (no stranger to oversized pants) played a demonstration game of billiards at a trade show.
One of Jack Hammer’s hottest selling vintage denim items in 1994 was the 1970s Deadstock jeans. At $175 a pair, they were particularly popular with Japanese tourists, according to store manager Tracy Bartholomew.