New York was looking a lot like Hollywood the other night at the salute to Robin Williams at the American Museum of the Moving Image. Mike Ovitz, Barry Levinson, Jeff Bridges and Bette Midler were among those who flew into town for the Williams lovefest at the Waldorf-Astoria.
But then, New York’s looking more and more like Hollywood these days, with the exodus of executives and stars to the East Coast.
Perpetual New Yorker Harvey Fierstein explained it this way: “It’s scary there. Here, if you’ve got a gun to your back, you can deal with it. You know the situation’s temporary. In L.A., the earth moves, it floods, it’s on fire — and honey, it never stops.”
Kate Capshaw, on the arm of last year’s honoree, husband Steven Spielberg, acknowledged that their upcoming move to Manhattan is taking a lot of work.
“We’re taking a year to complete it, and there are SO many details you can’t imagine — but I’m really looking forward to being here, and so are our kids.”
Spielberg’s partner Jeffrey Katzenberg, escorting Barbara Walters for the evening, said he’ll stay in Hollywood — at least for the time being.
“I’m leaving the East Coast to them,” he said, pointing to the Spielbergs. “They’re in charge of the New York contingent. I’m sure I’ll be here a bit more, though.”
John Lithgow, who relocated to L.A. 13 years ago, said, “Maybe I’m next for the exodus back to New York. It’s high time I did a play!”
Kathleen Turner, in a chic new short hairdo she says “I cut myself in the bathroom with the nail scissors,” was very proud that she’s never left New York — and says she never will: “I’m NOT a Hollywood person. Earthquakes, fire, smog — I’d come here, too. Wouldn’t you?”
Even Robin Williams, who’s always made his home in Northern California, says he’s spending almost half his time in New York. “I try to be here as much as I can; I go back and forth. New York’s a live electrical current. I like to plug in.”