Perhaps it’s one of the only ways to keep up with the constantly shifting political landscape, but Democrats and Republicans alike are hitting the party circuit in Washington with plenty of zest. Attracting the most diverse — by Washington standards — guest list was the Washington Press Club Foundation dinner last week, when Newt Gingrich, Tipper Gore and Sonny Bono all showed up for cocktails before the banquet.
Also in the crowd was Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick, who is on President Clinton’s short list of candidates to run the Central Intelligence Agency. While Gorelick wasn’t speculating about her chances of running Washington’s most elite boys’ club, she conceded it would be interesting to have a woman at the helm, especially since almost “all the women in the CIA are suing.” She is referring to a class action sexual discrimination suit.
The next day, over at the Capitol, Teresa Heinz launched her new grants program. Wearing a modified version of last year’s Chanel (she had the skirt shortened), Heinz says she and her fiancé, Sen. John Kerry, are having trouble finding enough time to get married — especially given the Senate’s changing schedule. Just as well, said Heinz, who noted that she needs time to recover from the launch of her grants program.
“I don’t want any more big do’s for a while,” she said.