To the Editor:
After reading your article “PETA and FICA: Still Pelting Each Other” (Jan. 10, page 8), I can only wonder how WWD can glorify the radical media circus of PETA [People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals] and ignore all of the fur industry’s efforts this past year.
Most noteworthy of those points you failed to mention were:
Marc Jacobs and Oscar de la Renta continue to design fur collections, regardless of meeting with PETA.
Despite Karl Lagerfeld’s office being raided, he continues to design two fur lines, one for Fendi and one that carries his name.
PETA’s raid on Calvin Klein and Karl Lagerfeld’s offices were criminal acts, which I do not believe WWD supports.
The policies of PETA and Dan Mathews were strongly questioned in Vogue magazine (July ’94), Mademoiselle (December ’94) and “Dateline NBC” (December ’94).
FICA [Fur Information Council of America] raised over $35,000 for breast cancer research.
Supermodel Yasmeen Ghauri was featured in this year’s million dollar fur industry campaign, which was featured in fall editions of Vogue, Elle, Town & Country, Vanity Fair and Harper’s Bazaar, as well as on New York City buses.
The “Dateline NBC” episode, which you refer to in your article, was not a pro-PETA interview. Rather, it was an obvious exposé on the hypocrisy and true radical agenda of PETA and Dan Mathews himself.
Despite PETA propaganda, the following big-name designers still design shearling fur: Calvin Klein, Richard Tyler, Giorgio Armani, Donna Karan, Anne Klein, Gianni Versace, Ralph Lauren, John Galliano, Isaac Mizrahi and Anna Sui to mention only a few.
I urge you to match your PETA “box” of yearly events with a fur industry “box” of the industry’s events.
Also, I found it curious that you headlined your article “Furriers Lament Spotty Season,” when nearly everyone you interviewed registered nearly a 5 percent increase, which, on a cold weather item, given an unusually warm fall, is a very strong gain!
You also discuss the heavy promotions used early in the season. The Maximilian advertisement pictured is for a New Year’s sale, a traditional promotional period for fur.
I realize that WWD’s goal is to report a fair and unbiased update of the fur industries that you cover. However, I found this article to present a slanted view of the state of fur retail, not to mention the glorification of the animal activist movement. I am still unclear as to why, in a business-oriented yearend article, WWD felt it important to discuss PETA at all. I hope that you will consider these points in your next article.
Vice President,
General Manager
Maximilian at Bloomingdale’s