Claims by a former president and chief executive officer of Warnaco Group’s Olga division that Warnaco had breached his stock purchase and employment agreements have not been dismissed by a federal judge and are scheduled to go to trial at an undetermined date. Alan Lesk had sued Warnaco in 1992 to recover both stock and future salary he claims is owed to him. A story on page 32, Jan. 17, reported the judge’s decision to dismiss a third claim by Lesk, for 90 days’ salary, but did not report the judge’s decision that the two other claims must by decided at trial. This omission caused the headline to incorrectly read that Warnaco had won the case.

Two of the companies represented by the Hunter Garces showroom in New York were incorrectly identified in a story about designer Jackie Rogers on page 15, Feb. 21. Hunter Garces represents Paul Cormack, not Paul Irina, and Irina Simeonova, not Elena Simeonova.

Giorgio Armani’s Le Collezioni was misspelled in a caption on page 17, Feb. 21.