NEW YORK — The trends emerging for the first part of the fall season are wide enough to accompany both dressed-up and casual looks. Key directions at the March market were:
Lush fabrics, including velvets, chenilles and more casual, rugged materials such as denim, polyester fleece and plaid wools.
Animal in everything from fake fur to leopard prints with the continuation of snakeskin.
Highly structured, purse-frame handbags, as well as handbags and backpacks that are without gussets and nearly flat; also, oversized slouchy totes for weekend wear.
Wider, contoured belts as well as the now-omnipresent skinny widths.
Color, in the form of rich browns, burgundies and hunter greens as well as some shots of bright hues.
Textured and manipulated metals in shiny gold and mixed metal finishes, as well as pins and brooches of all descriptions, in tailored fashion jewelry; on the casual side, silver finishes and colored beads, particularly in denim and other shades of blue.