NEW YORK — Knit Techniques Inc. said Friday it is ending its six-year affiliation with Claredon Knitted Fabrics.
Citing “unresolvable business circumstances,” Jay Rosen, president of Knit Techniques, sales and styling arm of Claredon, a knitter in Passaic, N.J., said he is “currently involved in negotiations that will determine the future of Knit Techniques.”
While he wouldn’t discuss those negotiations, Rosen said, “Knit Techniques is not going to be liquidated, nor is it going to file for bankruptcy protection.”
Rosen’s wife, Joanne Rosen, will continue to design Knit Technique’s novelty fabrics. Rosen said all orders would be filled.
Claredon and Knit Techniques combined for 1994 sales of $10 million to $15 million.
Donald Dorfman, vice president of manufacturing for Claredon, said the firm “is doing our explorations for another sales and styling representative, but as of yet, we have not found none.”