NEW YORK — Getting a photograph into Reader’s Digest, with its whopping 50 million circulation, is nothing to shake a cotton ball at — and that’s what the 10 winners of Cotton Inc.’s “The Fabric of Our Lives” photo contest got this month.
Their photographs, selected by a panel at the magazine, are featured in the current issue.
The contest is part of Cotton Inc.’s six-year-old “The Fabric of Our Lives” campaign. Last August Cotton Inc. put an eight-page insert into Reader’s Digest that asked readers to send the publication photos that best represented “The Fabric of Our Lives” theme. More than 50,000 photos were submitted.
Now it’s the readers’ chance. They are invited to vote for the best of the 10 finalists, and the grand-prize winner will receive $5,000 this June. There will also be three second-place winners, who will receive $1,000, and six third-place winners will be awarded $500 each. The grand finale insert showcasing the winning photographs will appear in the June 1995 Reader’s Digest.
In addition, a separate sweepstakes that asks consumers to vote for their favorite photograph will appear in stores nationwide.
J. Nicholas Hahn, president and chief executive officer of Cotton Inc., said he believes the campaign will help “increase consumer awareness and cotton sales” across the country. The $2 million campaign was developed by Cotton Inc.’s longtime ad agency, Ogilvy & Mather.