Byline: Janet Ozzard

NEW YORK — The campaign to build Calvin Klein’s CK bridge line into a major business will get another push this morning when the designer mounts a full-blown runway show in CK’s brand-new headquarters.
It’s the first show that Klein has done under his own roof since the Bryant Park tents started three seasons ago, and the first in a year for the CK line, which has had a bumpy couple of years.
But now Denise Seegal, a powerhouse former president of DKNY, is running the business, and Klein has put a lot of creative resources into improving the collection. The company also hopes to take advantage of the tidal wave of publicity and advertising that surrounds the label as a result of its wildly successful CK One fragrance.
“This collection is showing the stores and the press that we’ve got the CK line together,” said Klein. “One of the disadvantages of bridge is that by the time show week rolls around the stores have done all their buying. I don’t think the retailers would see it the same way in the showroom. It’s so much more extensive. We’ve really gone for a complete look, from wear-to-work clothes, to evening to casual.”
Klein said the collection is about 65 percent career apparel, with various other classifications making up the other 35 percent.
“It’s very directional, with a hint of the Sixties, but nothing retro,” he said. “I feel very strongly about the jacket with the dress matching, the coat with the dress matching. But I also like contrasting fabrics in the same outfit. There are also a lot of skirts.”
The runway show will take place in the newly renovated ninth-floor CK showroom, which Klein said is still under construction.
“CK One turned out to be just what we wanted,” said Klein. “I think the clothes are, too.”