NEW YORK — Federated Department Stores said Tuesday that all Macy’s East, Abraham & Straus and Jordan Marsh computer systems will be integrated Sunday, requiring major adaptations by vendors supplying those chains.
The integration is a result of Federated’s takeover of Macy’s, which began in December, and was described in a packet mailed Jan. 25 to more than 3,000 vendors. Vendors supplying other Federated units are not affected.
“It is critical that all Macy’s East vendors received the system conversion information we sent, understand the instructions and are taking appropriate action now to conform to our new requirements,” said Lisa Lichtenberg, vice president for merchandise technology and vendor standards at Federated Logistics, in a statement.
“The changes required for vendors are relatively simple, but failure to make them will result in a disruption of merchandise flow to the stores, thus creating a delay in payment to our resources.”
Macy files will be added to the A&S/Jordan Marsh data base on Sunday, putting the three chains on one computer system.
Federated informed vendors that all EDI documents previously transmitted to or from the Macy’s East mailbox will be sent or received in the A&S/Jordan Marsh mailbox.
Merchandise and related documentation — particularly carton marking — shipped to Macy’s East on or after Feb. 28 must reflect new store and department numbers and conform to the new Federated Transportation Routing Guide. Paper invoices for Macy’s East must be directed to Federated Merchandising Accounting Services organization.