Linda Evangelista may be filing for a divorce from Gerard Marie, the head of Elite’s European office, but it appears that they remain on the best terms. At the Ritz Bar in Paris, a lot of hand-holding and friendly kissing went on as they discussed who was going to get the house in Ibiza, the flat in Paris and so on. A year ago, it wasn’t so sweet.

Harumi Klossowski, daughter of the renowned artist Balthus, has left the John Galliano studio. “I’ve just got a role in a film. It’s like a Japanese ‘Cat People,”‘ she said. “It’s set in Japan, and it means that I have to speak and dress accordingly.” Klossowski should have no problem since she’s half-Japanese. Her mother, Setsuko Klossowski, the artist, has rarely been seen out of a kimono.

When Jack Nicholson showed up at the Ford Models pre-Oscar party at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood on Sunday afternoon, he could have chewed a cigar with the likes of Stephen Dorff, Judd Nelson and Gerard Depardieu, all of whom seemed to be anxious to chat him up. Instead, he headed straight for Bridget Hall, the 17-year-old model. n

Bernadette Chirac hosted a lunch for Peter Martins, director of the New York City Ballet, in Paris’s City Hall last Friday. Guests included Liliane Bettencourt, Vere and Maiko Harmsworth, Henry and Odile Racamier, Nicole Dassault and Hugues Gall, president of the Paris Opera. The question on everyone’s lips was where Bernadette would entertain the NYCB during its Paris season this fall. With her husband, Jacques, the mayor of Paris, campaigning for the presidency, these ballet fans were hoping it would be in the Elysee Palace.