The Junior Jet Set took over Manhattan Thursday night, from Upper East Side socials to downtown trendsetters.
Well-wishers on hand for Amber Valletta’s 21st birthday party at TriBeCa’s Barocco, including Victor Alfaro, who dressed her for the evening, Marc Jacobs, Todd Oldham and Anna Sui, came in from the cold to help celebrate. The party brought back memories for some of the 100 guests, many of whom have a few years on the evening’s honoree.
Oldham said he couldn’t even remember his 21st birthday.
“I’m sure it was anticlimactic for me,” the 33-year-old designer said, “because I had done everything the average 21-year-old does by the time I was 13.”
Oldham was quick to add that he hasn’t been able to enjoy his birthday in some time.
“My birthday doesn’t exist; it’s on Oct. 22 — right before the shows. I’m always too busy,” he said. “I’ll have to wait until I quit the industry so I can enjoy it.”
The crowd at the Museum of the City of New York’s Winter Ball did nothing if not enjoy themselves. Those at the annual gala danced and drank ’til the early morning hours. Allison Rockefeller, Eric Javits, Averell and Gigi Mortimer and Debbie Bancroft were among the celebrants.