Byline: Janet Ozzard

NEW YORK — Isaac Mizrahi is pulling out of 7th on Sixth to show his fall collection in a more “intimate” setting.
The designer, whose fall runway show was scheduled for the Gertrude Pavilion in Bryant Park at 7 p.m. on Thursday, April 6, will instead show at the same time in the lobby of a building on Park Avenue and 47th Street.
It’s “a big, empty retail space,” catercorner to the Met Life building, formerly the Pan Am, said Mizrahi. The space will hold about 700 people; the Gertrude tent seats 865.
“That’s a little bit of a problem, but you deal with it,” Mizrahi said. Asked whether the move would save money, he said, “Absolutely not,” claiming that the cost would be about the same.
A spokeswoman for 7th on Sixth said it will not fill the Gertrude time slot vacated by Mizrahi. “We don’t want to conflict,” she said, noting that Mizrahi has told the organization the upcoming collection calls for the different setting. It will mean a “revenue loss for 7th on Sixth,” she said, but it won’t be disruptive.
“We wish him success and look forward to welcoming him back to the tents next season,” she said.
Mizrahi concurred that he still “fully supports the tents” and plans to return to them, possibly with his spring show.
“For years, I was doing these huge shows down here and dying for a big space,” he said, speaking from his SoHo studio. “When they announced the tents, I was thrilled. But my clothes this time don’t lend themselves to a big runway show. I don’t even want to call it a fashion show; I’m calling it a fashion showing.”
Mizrahi said the lobby is “very clean and modern — white walls, white pillars and a cement floor.” He plans to have the models walk a path that wanders among the seated guests.
“It’s more intimate,” he said. “In the tents, the clothes are far away, and elevated.
“I want to say to everyone, ‘Just relax,”‘ he said. “That’s what this collection is about.”