Yes, that was New York Post Page Six editor Richard Johnson in a Barneys New York ad, shot by Wayne Maser, in last Sunday’s New York Times. Why did the gossip columnist suddenly turn model? “Because they asked me,” he replied. “I’ve been waiting 10 years to be asked to be in a Gap ad! And it didn’t hurt that they’re paying me.” Johnson put in four hours on the shoot, but isn’t planning a sudden career change. “It was very hard work. I had to constantly put clothes on, take them off — they even made me change my socks!”

Eric and Beatrice de Rothschild will give a dinner this Wednesday at their hotel particulier, in the eighth arrondisement, to welcome Donatella Girombelli to Paris. Diane Von Furstenberg, Ines and Luigi d’Urso, Diego della Valle, Harumi Klossowski and Christian Louboutin are just some of the guests expected to turn up. Girombelli’s Genny boutique will open on Avenue Montaigne the following day.
Next Monday, Valentino will hold a huge “Spring Break” party to introduce his spring collection. Ernst and Chantal of Hanover, Peter and Gwendolene Bemberg, Bernard-Henri Levy and Arielle Dombasle, Vanessa van Zuylen and Anthony Delon are expected to be among the 500 guests at Valentino’s boutique, also on Avenue Montaigne.