“This is how a boutique should be all the time,” Valentino said at the “Spring Break” party he threw in his Avenue Montaigne shop in Paris. “No clothes, just music and flowers.”
The celebration, which was held during the collections, had the French press tripping all over itself, not to mention the 500 guests. The best photo op seemed to come when Claudia Schiffer, who was accompanied by fiance David Copperfield, and Tony Curtis, who was with his girlfriend, Jill Vandenburg, posed together. When Italian actor Stefano Dionisi joined them in front of the photographers, some onlookers were unaware of his identity.
“Who’s that?” someone whispered.
“He’s the star from ‘Farinelli,”‘ said Giancarlo Giammetti, “the opera movie that was nominated for an Oscar.”
Dionisi was with his co-star, Elsa Zylberstein. “We’re both going to Hollywood for the Academy Awards,” he said, after which the cameras automatically pointed in their direction.
It was the same type of mob scene at the Venus de la Mode awards, the finale to the Paris fashion season.
From the design world came Vivienne Westwood, Thierry Mugler, Michel Klein, Koji Tatsuno, Jean Colonna, Peter O’Brien and Martine Sitbon; from the Paris beau monde came Alejandra de Andia, Ivan de la Fressange and Loulou de la Falaise and her voluble mum, Maxine.
When one Irish wag taught her two words of Gaelic, Maxine fired back, “Can’t you teach me to say something useful, like, ‘Voulez-vous coucher avec moi’?”