NEW YORK — Fine jewelry merchants and makers got together last Monday night to take in the splendors of ancient gold jewelry and celebrate the success of current-day gold jewelry at a party held by the World Gold Council.
The event, held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art here, drew more than 600 people. Guests were able to walk through the Greek Gold exhibit, which runs through March 26 and combines pieces from the collections of the Met, the British Museum and the Hermitage.
“The party provided us with a great opportunity to take the fine jewelry trade and really educate them on the fact that gold jewelry has been part of the world’s heritage for thousands of years,” said John Calnon, director of merchandising planning for the World Gold Council. The exhibit, which is traveling around to museums in various countries, is sponsored worldwide by Cartier.
Calnon said retail sales of gold jewelry continue to grow in all distribution channels.
“We’re currently seeing a return of classic jewelry,” he noted. “The consumer’s vantage point has changed and there is a demand for pieces with a lot of intrinsic value.”