BACK IN THE FOLD: Thomas R. Kelly Jr. has returned to Goody’s Family Clothing Inc. as executive vice president and general merchandise manager.
Kelly, a 25-year veteran of retail merchandising, held the same position at the Knoxville, Tenn.-based Goody’s from October 1990 through May 1993, a period Goody’s calls its “most successful.”
Kelly had been senior vice president and general merchandise manager for Solo-Serve, a retailer based in San Antonio.
Kelly succeeds George Rubin, who has left the company. Rubin’s title was executive vice president for merchandising, advertising and store operations.
Goody’s, which operates 171 stores in 14 states, said Kelly will assist the retailer in its effort to “return to offering a broader selection of casual and career wear.”

TRADING IN TORONTO: Stock of Wal-Mart Stores began trading Tuesday on the Toronto Stock Exchange.
The move makes it possible for Canadians, including Wal-Mart employees, to buy Wal-Mart stock using domestic currency. Employee stock-purchase programs traditionally have been a key component of Wal-Mart’s compensation package for its U.S.-based workers.
Wal-Mart stock first traded in the U.S. in October 1970, when it became a publicly held company, and was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in August 1972.
Among its 2,700 stores, Wal-Mart operates 123 units in Canada.