Suzy Flash! Jackie Onassis’ Fifth Avenue apartment has just been sold to billionaire philanthropist David Koch. Koch wanted the apartment so badly that he paid $9.5 million — $500,000 more than the asking price. The extra half million was to make sure no one outbid him.

With the couture shows on, there’s much afoot in Paris this week.
The house of Givenchy might not have decided who its new designer is going to be, but Karl Lagerfeld has. He wants John Galliano.
“Even we vampires need fresh blood,” says Lagerfeld, who is bemoaning the lack of competition in the couture.
Monday night at the Ritz, Valentino got together with Claudia Schiffer and Elle Macpherson to announce his donation of several dresses to the models’ Fashion Cafe, scheduled to open in New York in early April. Valentino said he wanted to make the contribution because he sees the restaurant as “the new museum,” a way for fashion to be seen. Macpherson responded by presenting Valentino with a Fashion Cafe leather jacket.
“It’s not haute couture, but we wanted to give you the first leather jacket from Fashion Cafe,” she told the designer, who was gracious, but nonetheless looked a bit horrified at the pedestrian item.