TILLY TALLY: AndrA Leon Talley, wearing two giant crosses around his neck, was front and center at the shows — but nowhere near the Vogue contingent. Speculation is rising daily about his next stop; the gossip network is hearing everything from the house of Galliano to Elle magazine.

TO DI OR NOT TO DI: While the Queen Mum was spotted on a few runways, Lady Di was stopping traffic in Milano during a surprise visit over the weekend. Or so her fans thought — though news of her visit was officially denied by the palace. It turned out that the Princess was simply a Di look-alike, parading for Milan’s mid-winter Carnevale.

GET IN LINE: You’ve heard of a tough act to follow? Reports are circulating that some of the mega-models are pretty choosy about just who precedes them down the runway. Nadja Auermann, for example, was reportedly miffed at Krizia last season when she had to follow Brandi, known for her overtly uninhibited strut. This time around, the house reportedly cleared her catwalk predecessors with her. Oh, well, if you’re going to pay a girl $18,000 for a few sashays, she might as well smile.