CHICAGO — There’s more going on at Anna Millinery than just good design. Kate Burch and Christina Bevilacqua met one another at a hat-making seminar five years ago, and after bouncing ideas off one another, they now have a successful custom-hat-design business. They live and design in different cities; Burch works out of Los Angeles, and Bevilacqua is in Chicago. Together they have established client bases in Boston, Chicago and the Baltimore/D.C. area. Eventually they hope to be in New York.
Once or twice a year they schedule trips to these cities and have what Bevilacqua calls a hat party. “They last anywhere from one to four days, and our women come and have wine and spend the day shopping for their perfect hat — it’s a total hat party.” The customer chooses a silhouette from either designer and then selects her own trimmings. Prices can range from $100 to $300, depending on materials and construction.