NEW YORK — With many retailers on the hunt for novel, attention-getting goods and specialty products, major vendors here were busy rolling out new lines last week. Among the launches were:
·Swarovski Jewelry’s Conversations by Savvy, a line of jewelry featuring a wide range of whimsical items — such as a miniature roulette wheel — on pendants.
·Victoria Creation’s Bijoux Givenchy Evening, a special occasion extension of the Bijoux Givenchy jewelry line.
·Fossil Eyewear and FSL Watches by Fossil, an eyewear line done in the retro spirit of the company’s watches and a new watch line geared to “Generation X.”
·Honey Fashion’s Bowrette, a novelty hair accessory item, designed by the inventor of the Topsy Tail, that the firm will distribute.
·Erwin Pearl’s Bridal Collection, the fashion jeweler’s first foray into this niche area.
Though last year was a relatively quiet one in terms of new line launches and product diversifications, makers now have decided to start taking more advantage of their brand equities as well meet the current retail demand for new products.
“We’re continually looking to expand not only our core product, watches, but also our brand name and image,” said Peter Benanti, vice president of marketing for Fossil.
“At this point, we’re staying with main floor businesses, since we have already established relationships with the various accessories general merchandise managers,” Benanti added. “Basically, though, we’re interested in any area that can be worked to fit with the Fossil image.”
Similarly, the Bijoux Givenchy Evening line is designed to fit with the designer’s glamorous and yet elegantly understated image.
“The idea for the line first came last March, when we were at Givenchy’s couture show,” said Patricia Stensrud, president and chief executive officer of Victoria Creations, which produces Givenchy jewelry under license. “It just happened to coincide with the return of glamour, so the timing worked out well.”