Byline: Aileen Mehle

Monaco’s Princess Caroline and her late husband, Stefano Casiraghi, bought a beat-up yacht back in the Eighties and planned to sail it around the world, though why they’d want to attempt something that daring on something so beat up puzzled their friends and family. After Stefano died, Caroline considered selling the tub. Instead, according to reports from Europe, it has now been so lovingly restored and refurbished, Caroline and her love, the French actor Vincent Lindon, use it as a floating getaway. Fine, but will they ever use it for a floating honeymoon? While their long love affair has been going on, Caroline’s father, Prince Rainier, who never has approved, has had time to turn snow-white. And you can throw in his hair and beard.

It may be sort of cute and casual and kicky for Julia Roberts or Michelle Pfeiffer to pack a pair of jeans and a T-shirt when they go off on a trip, but don’t talk that kind of nonsense to Joan Collins. La Collins arrived in the U.S. yesterday along with eight large suitcases bulging with Valentinos, assorted Donna Karans, a couple of Chanels and the odd Dior. To say nothing of half a dozen Judith Lieber evening bags, coats of many colors, furs, too many pairs of shoes to mention, four hatboxes and an oversized case to carry her cosmetics.
After dropping off the load in L.A., Joan and her entourage then departed for Palm Springs where her new movie, “Decadence,” will be screened at the Palm Beach Film Festival. After that, she’s off on a book tour you read about here, hitting the biggest cities to promote her newest, “Heath, Youth and Happiness: My Secrets,” along with her new personal workout video and a line of Franklin Mint jewelry. So maybe glamour is not altogether dead in Hollywood after all. Certainly they’re not going to bury it while Joan’s around.

Speaking of glamour, there’s always the dazzling Maria Snyder, who will be presenting her first young couture collection in Paris for her young and beautiful friends and clientele at the Ritz Hotel on Jan. 26. She’ll not only show her clothes but her hand-crafted jewelry collection. Among the swells flying in from four corners to wish her well are Prince Pierre d’Arenberg, Countess Isabelle de Bourbon, Princess Olga of Greece, Tatiana von Furstenberg, Hermine de Clermont-Tonerre, Astrid Kohl and sisters Pia Getty and Marie-Chantal Miller.
Maria plus Sarah Jessica Parker and Yasmine Bleeth will be modeling the designer’s own one-of-a-kind original creations at the FAITH Winter Ball Monday night. Maria will wear and donate an elaborate white feather coat embroidered with crystals provided by Swarovski, so if you miss her the first time you’ll see her anyway.

Speaking of Marie-Chantal Miller, the news announced by King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie of Greece Wednesday from London that their son, Crown Prince Pavlos, was engaged to Marie-Chantal and that they would marry in the Greek Cathedral of Saint Sophia in London on July 1 left the upper crusts buzzing in the cosmopolitan capitals of the world. It’s a fascinating, if not unexpected, story in the old romantic mold — beautiful heiress marries handsome prince — making not only the principals but both families exceedingly happy. King Constantine has been quoted as saying, “I am over the moon about this.” And so he should be.
Marie-Chantal is one of three lovely sisters, the others being Pia (Mrs. Christopher) Getty and Alexandra Miller. The daughters of billionaire Robert W. Miller, the duty-free titan and his chic South American wife, Chantal, the three of them burst upon New York several years ago, and burst is the word. Pia was the first to marry, to a goodlooking scion of the Getty family. Now comes the news of Marie-Chantal. Now the only prize left is Alexandra, who’s been keeping company with Alexander Von Furstenburg for some time now. Perhaps the reason the Miller girls are so popular and sought-after is because, despite their great wealth — the family lives in one of the most breathtakingly beautiful houses in New York — and their undeniable looks, they have remained entirely natural and gracious with not a hint of snobbery in their makeup.
Prince Pavlos, who will graduate from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in May, and Marie-Chantal met two years ago and have been seeing each other ever since, part of a beautiful young group that includes Felipe, the Crown Prince of Spain, who rooms with Pavlos at Georgetown. Everyone knew they were in love. Now everyone knows they’re going to do something about it.

Carolyne Roehm has flown off to Paris where she has taken an apartment for the next three months. She’ll do all the things she loves to do there — help Oscar de la Renta with his latest collection for Balmain, study cooking, study flower-arranging. She already took a course in Shakespeare last summer at Oxford. Carolyne’s a great one for self-improvement — the result is quite divine — and one can only think of the millions of women who would love to be in her shoes.

Only in Palm Beach could you find “Tiaras, White Tie and Decorations” at the bottom of an invitation. That’s what’s engraved on the bid to the International Red Cross Ball to be held at The Breakers on Jan. 21. The honorary chairmen are Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cowell and Mrs. T. Suffern Tailer is the chairman. The honorary vice-chairmen are such as Mrs. F. Warrington Gillet, Jr., Mrs. Walter Gubelmann, Mrs. Horace Schmidlapp, Mrs. Edward W. Scripps and Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney. The invitation also lists a chairman of protocol, and for this party that’s vital. Mr. and Mrs. Guilford Dudley, Jr. are the honorary international diplomatic chairmen, and Nicola Bulgari is underwriting all. Just another typical Saturday night in P.B. Oh, and P.S.: Even if you wear black tie you can still get in the door.

Elizabeth Dole, the president of the American Red Cross, will receive the Raoul Wallenberg Award at the Pierre Hotel on Jan. 17 at a dinner presided over by financiers Alan Greenberg, Carl Icahn and Julian H. Robertson, Jr. “Liddy Dole, like Wallenberg [the Swedish diplomat and hero of World War II who saved over 100,000 Hungarian Jews from extinction], is a hands-on giver of hope when lives have been devastated,” says Julian Robertson, who comes from the same small town, Salisbury, N.C., as Mrs. Dole, and has followed what she and the Red Cross have done for people devastated by disaster.
The dinner marks the 50th anniversary of Wallenberg’s disappearance, arrested by Soviet troops liberating Budapest. Elizabeth Dole will, of course, be there in person to accept the honor. And she will have the honor of being accompanied by her husband, Sen. Robert Dole, of whom you may have heard.