Byline: Jeff Siegel

NEW YORK — A state court judge here will hear a request today by fashion designer Todd Oldham for a permanent protective order against a man he claims has been stalking and harassing him since September 1994.
Oldham claims Shane M. Kennedy has been stalking him and his staff and sending bizarre letters and objects, including locks of hair, leaves, condoms and letters of recommendation.
Kennedy could not be reached for comment.
Oldham obtained a temporary court order March 7, restraining Kennedy — who also uses the name Chris Peterson — from coming within 300 feet of Oldham.
In court papers filed in Manhattan State Supreme Court, the designer said that unless he gets a permanent protective order, “I truly believe that [Kennedy] will injure me and that my life is in imminent danger.”
On Nov. 10, Kennedy was arrested, Oldham claims, for trespassing at the designer’s showroom after asking to speak with him and being told he was out of town. Kennedy was arrested at Oldham’s showroom a second time, on Feb. 10, for disorderly conduct when he “began to make bizarre hand and arm signals” and “became belligerent with the police” when he was asked to leave, according to court papers.
Kennedy is also charged in Oldham’s court papers with putting gum in the locks of Oldham’s store, at 123 Wooster St., and on the door to his showroom.
— Fairchild News Service