NEW YORK — The Immigration and Naturalization Service said its agents raided a garment center factory Thursday and arrested 21 undocumented illegal immigrants, shutting the business.
The factory, operated by Rosen Inc., at 555 Eighth Ave. between 37th and 38th Streets, makes women’s dresses, according to Sam Lee, who answered the phone there Thursday and confirmed that the workers were undocumented but refused to further identify himself or the company.
However, he was vocal on the INS action. “We have no choice but to hire illegals,” said Lee, noting that the company employed 23 workers in total. “If we didn’t hire illegals we would have no one to run the business. Many, many companies in New York City have to hire illegal immigrants… The INS does not understand this business. They should be out protecting the borders of the U.S. and keeping these illegals out, not shutting down businesses.”
Mary Ann Gantner, acting district director of the INS office here, said in a statement that Rosen faces fines of up to $2,000 per unauthorized worker. She couldn’t be reached for further comment. — Fairchild News Service