FRONT-ROW STARS: Neither Janet Jackson nor Fidel Castro, both of whom were in Paris, went to any fashion shows. So the biggest front-run star of the season turned out to be — believe it or not — Tony Curtis. Tony and his new girlfriend, Jill Vandenburg, made quite a commotion at Valentino Monday night with his green suede, high-heeled pumps and her swelling decollete spilling out of her black dress.
Danielle Mitterrand made almost as dramatic an entrance at Yves Saint Laurent Tuesday morning. She and her beefy security guards arrived five minutes into the show, causing all heads to turn her way. Late or not, this marked Mitterrand’s next-to-last appearance as First Lady at a fashion show. She and husband Francois will be out of the Elysees by mid-May, and the betting in France is that Bernadette Chirac will be in her seat next season.