DALLAS — BeautiControl Cosmetics is hooked on acid and is not letting one skin care niche go undosed.
Earlier this year the company added five new items to its Regeneration brand of alpha-hydroxy acid-based treatment products.
Along with the original Regeneration Acid Treatment items for the face and body, which were launched two years ago, the direct sales company now markets versions formulated for dry and oily skin and for consumers who have trouble with blemishes.
In addition, it has introduced high-concentration products for acid junkies who have built up a tolerance to the original products and for men, who have thicker skin than Regeneration’s traditional female customers.
In January, BeautiControl introduced more potent versions of two of the original Regeneration face products to meet the needs of customers who were no longer achieving dramatic results with the original strength.
The new concentrations, called Regeneration 2 Dry/ Combination and Regeneration 2 Oily, contain a 50 percent stronger concentration of acid than the originals, according to the company.
Each product retails for $30 for two ounces.
Regeneration Extreme Repair, a new offering for extremely dry and damaged skin, also made its debut in January.
In addition to lactic acid, an alpha-hydroxy, Extreme Repair contains urea, a skin-softening ingredient. The company asserts that the inclusion of urea enhances the effectiveness of the exfoliating alpha-hydroxy acids.
BeautiControl has priced the new entry at $30 for four ounces.
While company executives declined to comment on sales figures, industry sources estimated that in the little over two months these three new items have been on the market, they have generated a combined sales volume of $3.5 million.
Meanwhile, in the five months since its launch, the anti-acne Blemish Duo has exceeded plan by 50 percent, with retail sales of $1.7 million, according to industry sources. First-year retail sales reportedly are projected at $5 million.
Blemish Duo, which is priced at $14.50, consists of a dual-end wand with 0.11 ounces of blemish gel and 0.12 ounces of concealer. The item is available for light or medium skin tones.
The key blemish blaster is salicylic acid, an ingredient similar to alpha-hydroxy acid. The product also contains a mixture of three AHA’s: lactic, citric and tartaric acid.
“Alpha-hydroxy acids are one of the best ways to remove dead skin cells,” noted Clifton Sanders, senior vice president of research and development at BeautiControl. “The salicylic acid [can then] penetrate pores and help dry up the oil that causes blemishes.”
For those with oilier skin, BeautiControl has introduced an acid-item product with a lighter formulation.
Regeneration for Oily Skin is concocted with special absorbers designed to control oil breakthrough, along with the same compound of alpha-hydroxy acids as the original version.
Since August, Regeneration for Oily Skin reportedly has exceeded plan by 70 percent, with retail sales in five months of $1.8 million. It is expected to do $4 million at retail its first year, sources said.
So far, the company’s obsession with acid seems to have paid off. The Regeneration brand is expected to account for 13 percent of total company business, or $77 million, for the fiscal year ending Nov. 30.
That figure is up 10 percent versus last year, according to source estimates.
BeautiControl has also jumped onto the anti-cellulite wagon, as well.
Sculptique body-contouring cream, which was launched last October, is formulated with botanicals, which the company claims help to fight cellulite and improve skin texture.
The 4.5-ounce cream, at $35, is projected to ring up an estimated first-year retail business of $8 million to $10 million.