GFT SpA is expected to post a consolidated loss of about 30 billion lire (or about $17.3 million at current exchange rates) for 1994, according to Gemina SpA, the Fiat group investment company that acquired the designer apparel manufacturer late last year. The figure of 50 billion lire (or about $28.8 million), cited in a story on page 5, March 21, represents the expected loss of the parent GFT operation for 1994, excluding the consolidated results of holdings.

Mary Cullen Weeden is the model featured in the current Pepe ad campaign. It was erroneously reported on page 4, March 17, that the campaign featured a “recently outed Rachel Hunter,” an incorrect reference to model Rachel Williams, whose relationship with another woman is a matter of record.
“Rachel Hunter is very happily married to Rod Stewart and has two beautiful children,” said a spokeswoman for her agent, Ford Models. “She’s very much a heterosexual.”