NEW YORK — Glenn O’Brien has resigned as creative director of Barneys New York.
“I want to do some different things,” said O’Brien, who’s been with Barneys for 10 years. O’Brien started as a copywriter and was named creative director four years ago. Among his accomplishments was the copy that accompanied Jean Philippe Delhomme’s illustrations in the store’s current campaign.
“He did an incredible job with the copy for the last 10 years,” said Simon Doonan, senior vice president, creative services. He noted that O’Brien wrote some “marvelous copy” for the upcoming bicoastal newspaper ads that will break Sunday.
“We’ve had a long, happy association with Glenn O’Brien. Change is the essence of this kind of business. I’m looking for new blood to replace both he and Ronnie Cooke,” said Doonan.
As noted, Cooke, formerly co-creative director, resigned in December to move to London.
Doonan noted that O’Brien focused on copy and concept, while Cooke concentrated more on fashion and visuals.
O’Brien also serves as style editor of Mirabella.