Byline: Arthur Friedman

NEW YORK — After 40 years in the apparel industry and 27 years as president of The Warren Group, Morris Marmalstein said Tuesday he will retire at the end of this month.
“I’ve loved what I did for 40 years, but it’s time to see things and do things with my life while I still can,” said the 60-year-old Marmalstein.
The company has formed an office of the president with Richard and Michael Warren, sons of company founder David Warren, sharing the post. The Warrens had been vice presidents. Their mother, Blossom Warren, remains as chairwoman and chief executive officer. “The nice thing is that I’m leaving a vibrant business,” Marmalstein said. “I’m proud of how Richard and Michael Warren have matured, and I know I’m leaving the company in terrific hands.”
In 1968, Marmalstein became a partner of David Warren in David Warren Enterprises, the name of the company until it was changed to The Warren Group three years ago. He has divested his interest in the company to the Warren family. David Warren died in 1982.
Richard Warren said the company will undergo a restructuring to redefine responsibilities and will look to expand the core business while reducing overhead.
The multi-division dress firm is a mainstay better-price department store resource in daytime and social occasion departments. The Warrens said sales should hit about $65 million this year.