Milan’s reality check continued into Tuesday as Gianni Versace showed the most conservative collection he has ever done. But that doesn’t mean unsexy; Gianni couldn’t do an unsexy collection if his life depended on it. This one was filled with Milan’s tightest suits, sexiest chemises and dozens and dozens of evening dresses for all those right-wing bombettes who are finding Conservative Chic right up their alley.
Once again, Versace’s high-tech tent proved to be one of the most glamorous places to have a show in Milan. And, although some other designers may scoff at les supermodels, Gianni employed practically nothing but. They brought an extra element of oomph that these low-key clothes — at least by Versace’s standards — sometimes needed. Of course, you could still find a red leather suit, giant checkerboards and some of the shortest skirts in Milan. But there were also pretty sweaters, knee-length coatdresses and simple pantsuits. Versace has already said he’s planning a major commercial assault on America, and this is the collection to start it.