NEW YORK — Aerin Lauder, who has been a marketing executive at Prescriptives Inc. since 1992, has been named to a new post at Estée Lauder USA, where she will be involved in developing makeup for younger consumers.
Lauder, the granddaughter of company founder and chairman Estée Lauder, has been appointed a director of creative product development in the Lauder division and will report to Dominique Szabo, senior vice president of makeup and treatment product development for Estée Lauder worldwide.
Lauder’s father, Ronald, is chairman of the Lauder international and Clinique divisions.
Robin Burns, president and chief executive officer of Lauder USA, said the 24-year-old Lauder will work on product development in makeup and on related concepts for the key 25-to-35-year-old consumer, a group that the division has consistently gone after for the last five years. “Aerin, who is in that age group and has a passion for the family business, will continue that effort,” Burns said.