Isaac Mizrahi’s getting more than he bargained for with his documentary feature, “Unzipped.” The film, directed by Douglas Keeve, was picked up for distribution by Fine Line Features at the Sundance Film Festival. But now Fine Line’s dropped the project — only to have Miramax pick it up and announce plans to give it even bigger distribution this fall. Meanwhile, Mizrahi and Keeve are now represented by CAA.

It wasn’t exactly a grand entrance that Sharon Stone made at the American Ballet Theater opening night party in Washington Tuesday. No one recognized her. The actress, currently filming “Last Dance” in Nashville, wasn’t her normal flaxen self. Instead, her hair appeared stringy and greasy and anything but blond.

Steven Dorff’s new hairdo might render him almost unrecognizable as well — but the day he had his shoulder-length locks snipped at the Estilo salon in Hollywood, several female clients nearby were so excited, they fell to the floor scrambling to collect the leavings. Dorff refused to remove his sunglasses during the operation, forcing his barber to snip around them.

Ralph Fiennes’s “Hamlet” had been the most talked-about play in London for weeks before its opening Tuesday night, but his performance received decidedly mixed reviews. The Daily Telegraph said the performance often comes close “to being Hamlet without a heart,” while the Daily Mail said Fiennes is perfectly adequate in the part, but more was expected. “It looks very worthy and is dull enough to pass as arty gloom,” wrote the paper’s critic, Jack Tinker, who added, “New Yorkers will buy it as the real thing.” Some critics raved about the play, which is due on Broadway in April. The Daily Express said it was the most thrilling production in years, while the Evening Standard hailed Fiennes’s performance. Opening night attracted its share of stars in the audience, including Demi Moore, Diana Rigg, Alan Bates and Emma Thompson.