Ferre Update: Gianfranco Ferre has found religion. He now believes in the minimalist approach to life. “There are no bows, no jewels, not even hats,” in the fall collection he’ll show Friday morning, Ferre said during fittings in his Via della Spiga showroom. “I made some hats, but they’re going to stay here.”
The collection is filled with ski jackets, belted camel coats and fitted hourglass shapes. But what you won’t see on his runway is Gianne Albertoni, the teenage Brazilian schoolgirl who’s taken the Italian press by storm. “She has such a stupid face,” Gianfranco said. Although Albertoni is being ballyhooed as the world’s first 13-year-old model, another designer says it’s all hype. “She’s 15 or 16,” he said. “The agency just made up her age to get publicity.”