Byline: Lisa Lockwood

NEW YORK — What client do Paolo Roversi, Arthur Elgort and Max Vadukul have in common?
They all shot the spring campaign for Macy’s West/Bullock’s this season. And they’re not the only ones.
In a departure from the usual big store ad crammed with merchandise, Macy’s hired nine different fashion photographers to interpret the season’s trends.
Entitled “Nine Sure Signs of Spring,” the campaign will feature one full-page photograph each day for nine consecutive days. The print and point-of-purchase ad blitz begins Sunday, March 12.
Other photographers hired were Hiro, Michel Comte, Sarah Moon, Maria Vittoria Backaus, Giampaolo Barbieri and Guido Mocafico. Each was given two months and total creative license to photograph one of nine essential trends for the 58-store chain. The trends consist of the baby polo, the bias cut skirt, the corset, the pencil pant, rhinestone bangles, “shorter” shorts, the skinny belt, the strappy sandal and the T-shirt dress.
“We wanted to see how high-fashion photographers, who are constantly translating what they see on the runways, would interpret our spring fashion trends at affordable price points,” said Wayne Franks, creative director of Macy’s West/Bullock’s.
Each of the trends featured are available in various price ranges. For example, the T-shirt dress can be purchased from $40 in the junior department to $400 in the designer department. The one pictured in the campaign is a $58 T-shirt dress from Susie Tompkins, photographed by Comte. Also featured is the $144 A-Line bias cut skirt, shot by Roversi, and the $58 corset by Josie Natori, shot by Moon.
“In past campaigns, we have used one photographer and model to achieve a consistent look. This season, we took an eclectic approach since the trends are so diverse, from very glamorous to retro to sexy. We chose a variety of photographers, each with a different look,” said Franks.
Franks told WWD that the retailer will spend $1.5 million for media during the nine days, about the same as a year ago. But, he noted, “We haven’t received the bills yet for the creative.”
A double-truck ad will kick off the campaign in the fashion issue of the San Francisco Examiner. The spread will show all nine photographs, each with a photographer’s credit, and will explain how the campaign was created. Part of the copy says, “Watch for our series throughout the week and follow the trends.” In addition, a single-page photograph of the strappy sandal, as seen by Hiro, will also appear that day in the San Francisco Sunday Examiner and Chronicle and the Los Angeles Times, as well as in local papers throughout California. Each day, another photographer and trend will be featured with a full-page ad.
The campaign will also be included in Macy’s West/Bullock’s “First Signs of Spring” catalog that highlights a wide range of spring looks. It will be mailed to 500,000 customers on the West Coast and in Texas and Minnesota, said Franks.