What do mostly black-clad New Yorkers wear when they run away to the Hamptons?
“Black,” said Bianca Jagger at the Ross Bleckner/Kelly Klein-hosted Community Research Initiative for AIDS benefit in Sagaponick last weekend. Even for an al fresco meal under a big tent with picnic tables, she chose to stick to city clothes. And Kelly Klein danced away the night (in a second tent) in the ultimate Manhattan chic: a white T-shirt and black vinyl mini.
But some people took the country road: Barry Diller and David Salle both donned khaki shorts, Mary Boone sported all white and Donna Karan did layers of tan linen, while daughter Gaby wore a long ivory lace slipdress and duster.
“These are the clothes I really love,” Donna confided. “It’s everything that’s the real me. I just visit the city.”
Monica Lynch just visits the Hamptons: The ultimate city kid took a limo to and from the party that night. “I’m on the CRIA board,” she said, “otherwise, I’d never have come. I hate the Hamptons.”
Running away was the theme at the premiere of “North” in Beverly Hills the other night. After the film, about a boy in search of the perfect parents, most Hollywood types claimed to have storybook upbringings.
“I had a perfect childhood,” said Garry Shandling. “Roseanne was one of my neighbors.” “I had the best parents I could have,” said director Rob Reiner, but admitted to leaving home once. “I convinced my sister to run away with me, but we ran out of food. The worst part was that when I got back home, my parents didn’t even know I was gone.”

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