If Peter Guber knew in 1977 what he knows now, he never would have fretted so much.
“Seventeen years ago, I was the president of Columbia and we made [the movie] ‘Tommy.’ I have to say, I was always worried about whether it was going to make it,” Guber confessed at the opening of “The Who’s Tommy” at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles the other night. “The dailies, with all of those pinball machines, always looked so strange.”
Also in attendance: “Tommy” creator Pete Townshend, mobbed by fans clamoring to get his autograph and begging him to sign everything from leather jackets to parts of their bodies, and Gary Sinise, basking in the success of “Forrest Gump,” in which his portrayal of an amputee is so vivid, some people think he really has lost his legs.
Sinise and “Gump” star Tom Hanks will soon work together again. The two begin shooting next month for Ron Howard’s “Apollo 13” and have been visiting a “space camp” to prepare for their roles, he said.
Matthew Modine, in baggy clothes and sandals, looked as if he was still in costume from a recently completed role.
“I look like this because I just got back from Morocco, where I played Jacob in a film by Sir Peter Hall,” he said. “Jacob from the Bible.”