NEW YORK — After topping the charts at Saks Fifth Avenue with the March launch of its Casmir by Chopard women’s scent, Lancaster is out to keep the momentum through the addition of a three-item bath line. “Chopard has been without a doubt an outstanding launch that has exceeded all of our expectations.” said Steve Bock, senior vice president and divisional merchandise manager at Saks. He said Casmir will finish this spring in the top position at Saks.
“We are excited about the business we have done and about its potential for the fall,” Bock added, declining to make projections.
According to industry sources, Casmir has generated $1.8 million at retail since its launch at Saks last March. The company is reportedly seeking a wholesale volume of $20 million in the first 12 months.
The new items are a 6.8-oz. shower gel, priced at $25; a 6.8-oz. deodorant spray for $25, and a 6.8-oz. body veil for $35.
“We chose the items that we felt would have the broadest appeal,” said David May, vice president of Lancaster Group USA. He is planning to extend the collection next spring with a 6.8-oz. body cream for $45.
According to industry sources, the new products, which have been in Saks’ 47 doors since the beginning of this month, generated $35,000 at retail, exceeding expectations.
The full Chopard line will roll out to an additional 650 doors by Sept. 1 and hit another 600 doors by November, May said.
“We think that in the bath line’s first full year it will represent 15 percent of Casmir’s total volume and continue to do so,” May said.
So far the company has no plans to advertise the new product extensions and is reserving its estimated $8 million print and TV launch budget for the fragrance itself.
“We felt that since we are still in the introduction mode that we should focus in on the fragrance rather than scattering our efforts,” May said.