Naomi Campbell is making the leap from fantasy to fiction. The supermodel has turned her designer runway experiences into her first novel, “Swan,” which will be published by Heinemann in the U.K. in early September. Billed as a cross between a romance and a thriller, Campbell’s novel tells the story of the search for a new face for a top cosmetics company to replace the world’s leading supermodel, Swan. Campbell denies it’s a roman ê clef, even though the five girls up for the contract range from an English aristocrat to “one very leggy Afro-Caribbean girl from Notting Hill.” Campbell says the book is the insider’s story for her “millions of fans the world over” but “is not a kiss-and-tell book about me.” Still, one can’t help wondering if the description of Swan is a self-portrait: “Svelte, sexy and only 26…A supermodel can make anything look sexy, and they say I’m the sexiest of them all.”

Jade Hobson-Charnin is leaving Mirabella to join New York magazine as fashion director. Coincidentally, her husband, Martin Charnin, is directing the musical revue “Loose Lips,” co-written by New York’s editor, Kurt Anderson.

Those who thought Match was only for the young and trendy might think again. On Tuesday night, UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali stopped by the SoHo restaurant with three diplomats for what was clearly a serious dinner. But it wasn’t all business. When members of the Eighties heavy metal band The Scorpions walked in with a huge tattooed and studded entourage, Boutros-Ghali and his dinner mates enjoyed the spectacle so much, they stuck around for three hours.

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