Just because Stephanie Seymour is invited to a designer’s party, that doesn’t mean she’ll come in his clothes. She has her own wardrobe and likes to show it. Seymour went upstairs after Gianni Versace’s Sunday show at The Ritz and came back down to his bash in a Zandra Rhodes dress — the only model not in one of Gianni’s tight numbers. Sadly, the local Paris daily, The International Herald Tribune, identified her as Stephanie Powers.

The Wundercorset has found its first client. The corset-like undergarment Karl Lagerfeld unveiled at the Chanel couture show was being worn all over Paris Wednesday by Susan Gutfreund.

A member of the Saudi royal family has block-booked a huge chunk of The Ritz. In fact, he wanted to reserve 52 rooms, but the hotel couldn’t provide them during couture week, so he had to settle for only 26. But the Saudi crew did come replete with screaming children, a swarm of bodyguards and an independent security check on the second floor.

Natacha’s Montparnasse restaurant continues to draw an eclectic fashion crowd. On Monday night, in one corner, Shakira Caine was looking sleek in cream silk, so feline she could have purred. At another table, rocker Bjork, wearing a child’s neon green T-shirt, was in heavy conversation with Ellen Von Unwerth, the Guess ad campaign photographer.

Haute couture has a new recruit — Victoria de Rothschild, wife of Evelyn de Rothschild. Victoria, whose maiden name was Schott, has been married for 21 years to Evelyn, who’s considered one of the more difficult members of the banking family. Victoria has been spending time with Susan Gutfreund — and they’re never far from taste mistress Jayne Wrightsman. Both Wrightsman and Lady Rothschild are staying at The Ritz, so swapping essential notes should be easy.

After promoting her film “Sirens” in London, Elle Macpherson and her English boyfriend Tim Jefferies (known in some circles as Barbie and Ken) have hit Paris. Elle was in Valentino’s front row, and Jefferies was just behind. Rumors have been flying about Elle (a.k.a. The Body) being the next James Bond girl, but she’s said to have a bigger and better contract in the works. It’s still in the negotiation stage, and she’s keeping mum on the subject.