PARIS — Singer, actress and disco doyenne Regine, famous for her chain of nightclubs, is also in the fragrance business.
Regine’s for Men — her second men’s fragrance — was launched in February in the Mideast, where Regine does approximately 35 percent of sales of her four fragrances.
The new item was introduced in France in April and will roll out to the rest of continental Europe and South America in September. The U.S. launch is slated for the second half of 1995.
The scent was designed to replace the Regine’s 1991 men’s introduction Jimmy’z, which will be phased out next year, according to Philippe Benacin, president of Groupe Inter Parfums, which produces and distributes Regine’s fragrances.
Besides the two men’s scents, the company markets two women’s items: Regine’s and Zoa.
Groupe Inter Parfums is a subsidiary of the New York-based Jean Philippe Fragrances, 60 percent of which is owned by Benacin and Jean Madar. The remaining shares are traded on the NASDAQ.
Global wholesale sales for the new fragrance this year are projected at $2.8 million (15 million francs), said Benacin, compared to the approximately $1.5 million done last year by Jimmy’z.
Regine’s for Men will be backed by a print advertising campaign that features a man’s hand holding the bottle, with the Eiffel Tower in the background.
The product’s advertising and promotional budget in France is $370,000 (2 million francs) this year, said Benacin, noting that the promotional strategy includes sampling, special window displays and miniature items.
In France, the line consists of eau de toilette sprays. A 30-ml. bottle is priced $22 (120 francs), a 50-ml. size is $30 (160 francs) and a 100-ml. version is $43 (230 francs).
There are also two ancillary products: a 150-ml. deodorant, priced $13 (70 francs), and a 100-ml. shampoo, priced $15 (80 francs).
The scent was developed by Creations Aromatiques perfumer Anne Flipo. The top notes are green and aromatic. The middle notes are floral and spicy with a marine touch. The base notes are woodsy.
The packaging was designed by Thierry Lecoule, who created a magenta bottle, flecked with black. The cap is silver.