Byline: Aileen Mehle

The 30-year marriage of Roger Moore, most famous for his James Bond roles, and his Italian wife, Luisa, is over and out. It is Roger who wants the divorce; Luisa, now in New York staying with Joanna Carson at the Pierre, is said to be devastated. Though there have been hints and allegations in the past of another woman, the real story is that Roger just wants to be alone. Luisa doesn’t. Just now Roger is in London, but will soon leave for China to make a movie. No legal steps have been taken to dissolve the marriage yet, but, like everything else in the world, it’s only a matter of time.

Woody Woodward of the fine old New York family — his late grandmother was that greatest of personages Mrs. William (Elsie) Woodward — and his wife, Lisa, are putting miles between them. He has bought a place in Palm Beach; she will stay in New York. Woody has other residences in London, Paris and the docks of Majorca, where he keeps the sailboat, for now. It’s sad news for the marriage, but the Palm Beach ladies will be in palm heaven.

Les girls, Demi Moore, Melanie Griffith, Rita Wilson and Rosie O’Donnell, will begin filming “Gaslight Addition” in Savannah in another month. It’s described as a sort of female version of Rob Reiner’s “Stand By Me,” complete with flashbacks of the four stars’ childhoods and that sort of thing. Demi’s company is producing the flick, and one hears she has been in and out of Savannah recently. It was rumored for a bit that she and husband Bruce Willis would be renting one of the great old houses on Turner’s Rock, one of Savannah’s many private islands, but now that Bruce is filming part of “Die Hard III” in Charleston, S.C., maybe they’ll take a house halfway between. Pretty exciting, no?

Catherine Moore (Cathy) Tankoos of New York and Palm Beach and Robert J.Barrett III, the Merrill Lynch financial consultant, will be married on April 22 at the Everglades Club in Palm Beach. Cathy will be wearing a flaming red dress designed by Carolina Herrera on the big day. She chose red because, in China, red is the color of love and the color Chinese brides wear. It seems as lovely a reason as any. David Mahoney, the financier/philanthropist, will give Cathy away, Geraldine Fuller is her matron of honor and Barton Gubelmann is the flower girl. We all know that Barton is a tiny bit older than your usual flower girl, but who says you have to be seven and wear a wreath and mary janes. This could start a trend.
Cathy, once married to the late real-estate magnate, S. Joseph Tankoos Jr., was educated at Brillantmont in Lausanne and at the University of Florence. She has modeled for Emilio Pucci, Bill Blass, Christian Dior, etc., and has been a fashion editor and TV producer. One of the top women croquet players in the country, she has been installed in the Croquet Hall of Fame. She is active in charities in New York and Palm Beach. Bob Barrett, a graduate of Georgetown, Columbia Law School and Harvard Business School, has had an active career on Wall Street and now works for Merrill Lynch out of their Palm Beach office. If it sounds as though they were made for each other, well, bliss happens.

If you’re Uma Thurman — and she is and you’re not — you get Special Treatment. Certainly at the trendy new Bowery Bar. Earlier this week, Uma threw the management into a swivet when she undulated into the packed restaurant without having bothered to make a reservation. Eager to please the big U, the restaurant responded by asking customers at one of the prime tables to give up their seats for the young star. Thrilled by the offer of complimentary drinks for the remainder of the evening, the unseated party rushed to the bar to drink up. Later this week, Uma slithered uptown to Elaine’s, where she gave the saloon’s regulars and irregulars chills running up and down their spine or whatever. Meanwhile, Campagna was the eatery of choice for Geffen, Katzenberg and Spielberg, Hollywood’s latest dream team. They may not be as pretty as Uma, but at the end of the day (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday), they’re a lot richer.

With the flair and color of old Russia, the Great Moscow Circus will burst into Madison Square Garden on Dec. 15, led by fearless riders on steeds bedecked with fiery flags. It’s their opening, of course. A benefit, of course. For God’s Love We Deliver. The event is almost sold out, even though the invitations have yet to be mailed.
It should be as glamorous and exciting a night as the co-chairmen, Jock Soto, Heather Watts, Blaine Trump, Joan Rivers and Jim McMullen, are hoping for. They’ve corralled a committee of such as Lauren Bacall, Pat Buckley, Nina Griscom, Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brandt, Anna Wintour, Christy Turlington, Jessye Norman, Cari Modine, Chris Riley, Anna Strassberg and enough others to fill the center ring. At the reception beforehand you can eat hot dogs, cotton candy, crackerjacks and soda till you burst (courtesy of David Feld of all those men’s stores), the better to fortify yourself for the death-defying tactics of the Nugzarov Djigits (what?), better known as Cossack horsemen. Then there are the Flying Cranes on their flying trapezes, the Moscow Circus bears dancing to “Swan Lake” and the famous elephants owned by the Kornilova family for nearly a century. This circus has been around since the time of Catherine the Great, and, if it was good enough for her…..

Everyone in town who is either rich or social or famous or all three turned out for the big party that Betty Sherrill, the president of McMillen Inc., America’s oldest interior design firm, gave to celebrate the company’s 70th anniversary. There was champagne and music and masses of flowers and an entire gallery in one of the showrooms covered with photos of their famous women clients taken through the years. Betty Sherrill greeted the glittering crowd in a gold and silver lamé suit and among the hundreds of guests were Rocky Converse with her daughter Maria Janis, Anne and Deane Johnson, Charlotte Ford, Bill Blass, Liz Fondaras, Hillie Mahoney, Meg and Stuart Kirkpatrick, Anne and John Pyne, Kitty and Stephen Sherrill, Poppi Thomas, Matilda Stream, Lisa Anderson, Casey Ribicoff, Armene and Minot Milliken, Marie Snowden, Bill Pitt and famous portraitist Aaron Shikler, whose portraits of Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Nancy Reagan hang in the White House. Among McMillen’s colleagues turning out to help Betty celebrate were such as Albert Hadley and Kevin McNamara. Everyone said it was the biggest and the best birthday in the history of the interior design profession. Nobody argued.

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