Marina Schiano is less than pleased with the leakers over at Vanity Fair. The magazine’s creative style director was stunned to read in Tuesday’s New York Post that her head had “rolled” in a shakeup by editor-in-chief Graydon Carter, since she hadn’t been informed of her discharge until 6:15 p.m. Monday evening.
“I guess they just couldn’t wait to get to the phone,” Schiano said. “It’s all so tacky.” According to Schiano, Carter informed her that when her contract expires in October, it won’t be renewed. Carter did ask her, however, if she would be willing to style six of Vanity Fair’s covers next year. Schiano is considering the offer, she says, but will do it only on a “nonexclusive” basis. As for charges that she is being removed because of a “difficult” personality, Schiano asks, “If I was so difficult to work with, why did it take them seven years to discover that? Our covers are extremely successful. Every big star wants to be on them. Sometimes to achieve this, there were disputes. But this is natural.”
A spokeswoman for Vanity Fair declined to comment on Schiano’s future role at the magazine. “It’s our policy not to discuss contracts,” she said. Meanwhile, the word around the CondÄ Nast building is that Elizabeth Saltzman is the leading candidate to succeed Schiano.

One doesn’t expect Cher to be wistful about wedding dresses, but she will be on Friday in The Wedding Dress shop at the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship in New York. She’ll be wandering through all the white lace and ruffles with a glow of happy remembrance for a scene she’s shooting in Paul Mazursky’s film, “Faithful.”

The old Martha space on Park Avenue at 58th Street has found a tenant. In October, man-about-town Khalil Rizk will move his Chinese Porcelain Co. there from its current location on Madison Avenue. Rizk plans to open his new 4,500-square-foot gallery with an exhibition of Cambodian sculpture.

David Letterman is going to have his hands full tonight when he welcomes Rosie Perez to the show. The actress, in town to promote her new film, “It Could Happen to You,” is planning to over-accentuate one of her more significant attributes, her decolletage. According to Rosie — who bared her chest in “White Men Can’t Jump” — she and the Late Night host have an ongoing, albeit flirty, “thing” about her breasts, which her character has augmented in the new film. Perez says she’s going to wear a “skimpy black dress.” And, if Letterman’s lucky, “the Wonderbra.”

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