At Lynn Wyatt’s birthday party on the Cote d’Azur, Jack Nicholson arrived with a silver cap and a gold cap, one in each hand. “They’re for the birthday girl. That’s the theme of the party, right?” asked the actor. Right. Guests were asked to wear silver and gold, and the decor was also done up in the two metallics.
Nicholson — who’s staying in St. Tropez with Willy and Dominique Rizzo — had just been in London and was raving about the Balthus exhibition at Le Fevre gallery.
Nicholson sat between Madeleine Webber, the wife of composer and art connoisseur Andrew Lloyd Webber, and Joan Collins, who was wearing a gray silk ruffle pantaloon dress.
“It’s dowager gray,” she said, laughing.
“It’s dove gray,” said her boyfriend, Robin Hurlstone.
“It’s pleasant, whatever the color,” said director Michael Winner.
Kathy Ford reflected the party theme with a belt that had the words “Waist of Money” embroidered in gold.
Barbara and Marvin Davis missed the party altogether: They flew back to L.A. after Marvin threw his knee out.