BISOULIS BRANCHES OUT: While management at Becky Bisoulis in Chicago searches for a new designer, Judy Hornby, who helped out there for a brief time, is enhancing her own business in New York, and plans to launch a dress line for spring. As reported, Hornby assisted in designing the Becky Bisoulis line shortly before the designer died last month. Hornby will continue to act as a consultant to the social occasion dress firm, but a head designer is expected to be hired within a month, she said.
The 12-piece dress line for spring features fabrics such as viscose, rayon, silk jersey and linen. The line will wholesale for $90 to $200. Hornby expects the dresses to generate $1.5 million the first season.

A SOCIAL INTRODUCTION: Designer Jamie Pesavento has stepped out on his own, introducing a collection of social occasion dresses for holiday bearing his name. Made primarily of wool jersey, silk satin and velvet, the 17-piece line wholesales from $120 for a wool jersey dress with marabou cuffs to $570 for a two-in-one silk taffeta corset dress under a slipdress.
He said first-year sales are projected at $300,000. Pesavento has designed for Les Copains, Enrico Poveries and, most recently, Isabelle Ardee. The line is represented by Janet Reis Associates, a sales firm at 530 Seventh Ave., New York.